Customer service

CS is the personalized support and assistance we provide on behalf of our clients to their customers.

Back Office Support 

Our professionals handle administrative and operational tasks that support the core functions of a business.


Our Services

Operation is one of the most critical department in any business. Our operation Specialists are professionals responsible for managing and overseeing the day-to-day activities and tasks within an organization. Our team is highly trained to anticipate and resolve issues proactively.

Our Values

Human being

We believe that the most precious treasure in life is the human being. With them life begins, flourishes and vanishes.


It is the primary concept when it comes to person-person and entity-entity communication.

Excellence & Ingenuity

Everyone makes mistakes. However, we never do the same mistake twice. We do new mistakes and learn new lessons.

Transparency & Integrity

We make every effort to make things clear. Only this way we can achieve the best results.

Teamwork and Cooperation

“One hand cannot clap” is our idiom.

Commitment & Persistence

We have to fulfill promises towards our society, partners and ourselves.

About us

Cosmopolitan Management Solutions (CMS)

Cosmopolitan Management Solution (CMS) was founded with a sole purpose in mind, providing a top-notch customer experience, a comprehensive business outsourcing provider specializing in a myriad of services including customer support, financial assistance, customer care, and dispatching solutions.

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California Panther Security
Masters Limo Worldwide
Route 66 Driving School
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Our Partners

With 19 years of experience, Client’s Concept Outsourcing Company covers all your Outsourcing needs and of course a reputation you can trust.

Outsourcing Partners

California Panther Security

Route 66 Driving School

Masters Limo Worldwide