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Our Mission

Supercharge your growth by helping build dedicated offshore teams.

Traditional outsourcing models are hard to get right and can be both challenging and frustrating. We are creating a different experience. We use our experiences from extensive market participation in Los Angeles, CA to help companies build, train, and manage, custom offshore support teams. Think of it less like outsourcing and more like offshore staffing as a service.

Hotline Consultant

Operation Specialists

Operation Command Centers are one of the most critical departments in any business and its workforce should provide responsive 24/7 customer service support.

There will be operational limitations in a command center. In order to scale, these command centers look for business process outsourcing providers to assist in daily operations.

Businesses can outsource operations overseas to locations to take advantage of lower costs. Egypt is a top business process outsourcing destination to offshore businesses. Offshoring to Egypt can lead to 60% lower overhead as well as decreased costs. Offshore Operation Command Centers can easily adapt to your company’s operations and/or work flexible hours.

Businesses can create their own offshore command centers at any scale, at lesser overhead and associated costs at CCS.

Back Office Support Specialists

Back-office administrative support is required for accurate and on-time service delivery and business growth.

For businesses, these clerical and routine tasks pile up and take up most of the time of in-house teams, making it difficult for them to focus on highly important aspects of the business.

CCS builds a dedicated team of outsourced employees who have highly specialized skills perfect for providing industry-specific support.

Aside from improving front-office or customer-facing operations such as customer service, outsourcing services and business processes to CCS lets you build a better back office at a reduced cost.

Back-Office Offshore Support enables you access to delegating non-core back-office support and repetitive clerical tasks

Office Worker
Business Meeting

Customer Support

Effective customer service can translate to potential conversions, customer loyalty and retention.

One efficient business model with reduced cost structure for overall customer service support is Customer Service Outsourcing.

CCS builds, trains, and manages highly functioning custom outsourced customer service teams.

Understanding the clients’ need to rapidly scale operations in today’s dynamic business landscape, CCS provides customer service solutions where clients start their own offshore (captive) Customer Service teams with the option to scale.

Businesses can delegate the first point of contact of customers to customer service outsourcing specialists to manage both outbound and inbound phone calls, and other functions such as lead generation, reports generation, calls management, issue resolution, customer interaction, records database management and other assigned roles.

CCS provides hand-in-hand training with the client. Aside from this, the company also provides its agents regular feedback, monitoring, and employee motivation.

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