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Our Valued Clients

With 19 years of experience, Client's Concept Outsourcing Company covers all your Outsourcing needs and of course a reputation you can trust.


California Panther Security is among the top-rated security services companies in Los Angeles providing highly trained security guards and patrol officers to a wide array of industries and in many different settings. Our security guards frequently work in hospitals, schools, transportation hubs, and government agencies. Our security services are also contracted to keep crowds safe and under control at concerts, sporting events, political rallies, and activist demonstrations.


Masters Limousine, Inc is a dependable, premier transportation service provider with over 20 years of experience effectively performing travel assistance for passengers worldwide. Our headquarters is located centrally in frequently traveled Los Angeles, California. We have access to all of your travel needs. Our business is to work diligently as representatives of your professional values and commitments, with an emphasis on integrity, reliance and stability.


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Routes 66 Driving School takes pride in its management department, believing that both courteous services and experienced leadership expand from the managers to the instructions. The hardworking managers at Route 66 Driving School began their efforts running Masters Limousine and California Panther Security, two companies that earned them top ratings with the Better Business Bureau for their customer service.


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